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This is part of the introduction from my upcoming book for entrepreneurs and business leaders on harnessing the power of self-expression in your business.

The book discusses the impact of permanent, non-digital marketing tools i.e. books, and how you can use such tools to stand out and make money.

Thoughts, feedback and comments please!

I was sitting in my room, bored, my fingers fidgeting. I had an indescribable urge to write something down. My hand ached from gripping my fountain pen and writing in my notebook for at least an hour. I picked up my latest literary obsession, Silence Of The Lambs by Thomas Harris and read that for a bit. Amazed at how Harris puppeteers language to conjure anything from the mundane to the macabre, creating characters with consistent personality traits and flaws, just like real people, but with specific roles to play in the novel that were designed to entertain me, and noticing the format around which Harris meandered his narrative, I decided I wanted a typewriter. I was going to write a book.
At seven years old, my book was about three pages long and from memory it featured a school bus driver possessed by an evil teddy. An unlikely contender for the bestsellers lists, but I did know even at that age that writing was something I absolutely had to do. It was instinctive. Don’t ask how I’d acquired a copy ofSilence Of The Lambs at seven years old! But rather than scar me for life, that book inspired me. I was inspired to take action, because someone else’s words had moved me to do so.
As adults in business, we are all trying to achieve that same thing. We all want to master the art of self-expression so powerfully, that anyone experiencing our work is moved to take action. We dream of inspiring people so much that they queue up to try our methodology, our products and our services. Because we nailed it. We were able to ‘touch’ them. Yet that precious human connection seems to elude us all too often. Self-expression and creativity feel more important than ever but so hard to grasp. Meaningful communication passes us by with every Tweet, and we feel as though we’re performing on a global stage at the same time as everyone else in the competition, without a mic.
The problem is we’ve become distracted. When asked what we want, what will make us more successful, what will justify our time we say things like, “generate lots of leads”, “get more referrals”, “make more sales”, “become a thought leader”. And of course, who doesn’t want all those things. They mean money and recognition for everything you do. But when you’re looking at how to get those results, what do you see?
Promise after promise of the next big marketing trend. Blogs with titles like, “How To Kickstart Your Business In 3 Easy Steps” and, “10 Sure-Fire Ways To Increase Traffic To Your Site”, only for another blog along the lines of, “Forget everything you know about marketing and invest in my new system, NOW”, to come along and replace it in the news feed nanoseconds later. All these promises and so much information, but what value? Do you read half of what you see and do you apply half of what you read? Probably not.
If you’re mistrusting of the information flooding the internet every single second of every single day, you can imagine your prospects and customers are too. And this is the 21st century business owner’s biggest problem. Finding a marketing tool to mitigate against the mistrust of sales and information overload in the digital realm. We forget what our innate abilities and talents are and get caught up the white noise in the internet. Our businesses are extensions of our personalities, yet where’s the personality?
The reality is that self-expression is easier than ever before. The power to connect with like-minded others on a lasting and massive scale has never been more in our hands. We just don’t see it, because we’re so distracted by what’s online and what other people are telling us we should be doing. But think about it. We all have computers with spell-check, access to lots of information and the means to self-publish. Just like our unique personality traits and abilities, books are so close to us. Anyone who is reading this has been touched, even just a little, by a book.
A lot of people don’t think of books as marketing tools. We associate books with school, escapism, public figures...but never ourselves and each other. However, if we think about books a little more, they’re more than vehicles for a one-directional flow of information from the top down. They’re multi-directional. The information contained within can travel anywhere to anyone who opens the book and starts to read. Books connect dots, ideas and people.  
Books inspire people to take action.
More will be coming over the next few weeks - any questions, comments and feedback welcome below!
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