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Georgia Interviews...Graeme Hall

This month, Georgia Interviews… brand
new author and Founder of sales improvement company Sales Blueprint Ltd, Graeme
Hall, on his first book, why he decided to author a book now, and how he’s
going to be distributing his book to achieve his marketing goals.
You can watch the 17 minute
interview in full in the video above, or read the edited write up below.

Graeme, thank you so much for joining us today. How are you?

I'm very well, thank you.

could you just start by telling us all a little about yourself and your

Well, the short version is I
have a business called Sales Blueprint, which we've been running for 15 years
now. I describe us as a sales improvement organization. We work specifically
with private equity backed businesses. It's a niche that we came across ten
years ago now and have worked in ever since. We've become the go-to experts
in that field for sales operational improvement.

We have been doing…

Georgia Interviews...James Sale

James was our first video interview guest, and what a wonderful guest he was. 

In this latest instalment of Georgia Interviews…, James Sale, Founder of Motivational Maps Ltd and new author of Mapping Motivation: Unlocking the Key to Employee Energy and Engagement, tell us about how he brought an innovative and never-done-before idea to the masses,authored his first book, and skyrocketed his public profile and his business as a result. James gets pretty specific about how he did this, so read his answers carefully because there are more than a few book marketing gems in there!