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Innovation Manager - £20K + bonuses, 32 days paid leave, flexihours


Revolutionary business book company seeks a capable planner and organiser to keep business owner, business processes and new projects in check, and execute tasks with efficiency. The role is an exciting opportunity to coordinate a wide variety of different projects and areas of the business to support a busy business owner.

This role is ideal for a systems-oriented person who creates comprehensive structures that incorporate a totality of needs. The business owner will be looking to this role to provide the baseline of operations or procedures for other activities. It is not a role for a person who hesitates to question omissions or who would accept less than conformity to the basic principles established.

It is important you can roll your sleeves up, approach your work with a sense of humour, initiative and a positive can-do mindset, and that your values are aligned with ours:

WBR Values

We approach every person, task and opportunity with a mindset of;

Individuality : everyone is unique. We embrace people’s strengths, differences & creative talents

Integrity : we value & respect honesty & consistency of character

Leadership : we help others by being the best version of ourselves

Future focus: what we do today has an effect on where we are tomorrow. Being proactive, keeping our goals front of mind, helps us to create better strategies and accelerate our progress

Mindfulness : we aim to get the best results for ourselves and those we work with by being aware, alert, curious and responsive

Core activities for Innovation Manager include:

Back Stage
Business Processes
  • Work alongside business owner to define and then document, maintain and update all business processes to ensure the best possible experience for our clients and the most efficient results for the business.
  • Manage the Book Creation Process and the freelance team - currently at 10 writers, editors and designers and growing - to keep the various books moving along through production, meeting deadlines, collecting freelancer invoices and troubleshooting.
  • Monthly financials - while outsourced, our accountant requires receipts and various paperwork...you’ll be responsible for collecting this info each month and dropping it off with the accountant, as well as gathering any additional information they need. This will involve chasing business owner for her receipts and creating a system to make this a small but effective task each month. If you become interested in getting more involved in company financial management, we can discuss handing it over to you in due course.
  • Posting out books/cards/promo items to clients and prospects.
  • Continually be on the lookout for opportunities to improve the efficiency of the business and the client experience.
  • Hold a weekly meeting with business owner to do her client to-do’s and her Weekly Planner, and then keep her in line with her priorities throughout the week.
  • Issue client invoices.
  • Create and run new systems and processes where necessary.
  • Updating the customer database each week.
  • Keeping marketing systems running smoothly and solving or reporting any issues.
Business Development
  • Supporting business owner with your organisational skills and ability to establish priorities, making sure she doesn’t get carried away starting too many things before finishing others!
  • Working with business owner on active business development initiatives, including but not limited to researching, organising, planning and keeping the projects on track with their timescales
  • There is scope to oversee and manage entire service lines, setting them up from scratch and seeing them through to reality, then continuing to manage them and report weekly into business owner on their performance, issues/obstacles to growth/opportunities to expand and improve
  • Coordinating marketing efforts
  • Looking for technology and tools to help streamline and improve the business

Front Stage
  • Chase late payments from clients and their support teams
  • Schedule appointments for business owner
  • Attend business events with business owner to support business development activities, such as set-up, networking and if our own event, helping to provide our guests with a fantastic experience and supporting business owner as speaker.
  • Handling client queries.
  • Sending out various resources to new clients, prospects and freelancers.

The right team member will naturally possess the traits and skills outlined above and be presentable and professional with our client base. This role is more about attributes and attitude than formal education.

This role relies on your ability to:

- organise and distill varied information and materials

- create new systems and processes in a fast-moving environment

- bring focus and closure

- itemise procedures

- see the big picture

- get straight to the point

This role does not require you to:

- provide lots of evidence/lengthy debates/complex justifications/fine print

- start a project without listing the essentials

- work with ambiguities

- use physical models or fix/maintain mechanical equipment

While a love of stabilising through systems, planning and coordination is a must, a degree of flexibility and the ability to cope with evolving projects, people and events will be necessary.

It is perfect for someone who likes putting information, people and tasks in order, wants to take ownership of their areas of responsibility, wants to broaden their managerial and leadership know-how and wants to work with an exciting, growing organisation.

32 days annual leave (including public holidays and Christmas shut down), all paid

10 flexi-hours per year

Flexible working location 1 day a week

Please send your CV with a covering email to Natalie at info@writebusinessresults.com
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