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Senior Book Developer, Part-Time/Full-Time


Revolutionary business book company seeks a talented editor/book creator to help produce high quality business books for successful business leaders. The role is an exciting opportunity to work with industry-leading entrepreneurs, helping them package up their unique knowledge and personalities to help educate those they work with. You’ll be able to flex your entrepreneurial muscles by bringing new ideas to the table, too.

The scope for personal and professional growth is vast - as long as you can roll your sleeves up, approach your work with a sense of humour, initiative, attention to detail and a positive can-do mindset, and your values are aligned with ours, you’ll find a multitude of opportunity within this role.

Core activities for Senior Book Developer include:
  • You’ll do the final check on each business book prior to publishing, going through it with a fine tooth comb to make sure it fits the Book Brief and is up to standard re: proofread and edit, communicating any required amends to the Innovation Manager and relevant freelancer and checking what comes back before setting up author’s publishing account and publishing. Nothing will be published without getting past you first!
  • Video content consultations for WBR clients and necessary in-between communication with client and WBR team plus amends and necessary (minor) admin.
  • Author interviews for InstaBooks, necessary in-between communication with client and WBR team, report required amends, send interview recording to be transcribed then share with writer and client, set-up of publisher account and final checks before publishing.
  • Attend company/team meetings, sharing spotted opportunities to improve our process and client experience.
Approx. time commitment is 10-15 hours a week, initially. As an integral part of the WBR team and a crucial part of the client experience, you’ll be highly professional, warm and smart, who enjoys working consultatively with a wide range of different personalities. Our clients all have different ways of doing things but each has a vast amount of knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial creativity, so anyone client-facing needs to welcome eccentricities and individuality, being flexible enough to work with it while being consistent and level-headed themselves so that you can stay on track with our processes and keep our clients’ experience of WBR easy and consistent. Our clients appreciate and expect all WBR team members to stay true to our values, below.

WBR Values
We approach every person, task and opportunity with a mindset of;

Individuality : everyone is unique. We embrace people’s strengths, differences & creative talents

Integrity : we value & respect honesty & consistency of character

Leadership : we help others by being the best version of ourselves

Future focus: what we do today has an effect on where we are tomorrow. Being proactive, keeping our goals front of mind, helps us to create better strategies and accelerate our progress

Mindfulness : we aim to get the best results for ourselves and those we work with by being aware, alert, curious and responsive

This job could be a part-time position with scope to increase hours as the business grows, or it could be done by a self-employed editor.

If part-time employed:

12 days annual leave (including public holidays and Christmas shut down), all paid. Full training provided. Working from our office in Oakham.

If self-employed:

You'll be considered part of the team and have access to the same processes, best practices and training opportunities as employees. An NDA would need to be signed and attendance to company/team meetings. Office space is available or you can work from home if you have a suitable environment. Remote workers must be able to come into the office sometimes for meetings if working from home. This role is not suited to those who want occasional work or stop-gap work - it's ongoing with regular, weekly commitments to clients.

Please send your CV to Natalie at info@writebusinessresults.com. Looking forward to hearing from you!
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