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While the world of content marketing can seem daunting at first, businesses have to publish original, compelling, high quality content to compete for customers' attention. Luckily, there are more tools than ever before at our disposal, and most of them are FREE! So here's our list of the top 5 tools you can use to polish up your content in no time...

1. Plagiarism Checker  Just copy and paste your finished piece in the box, type the code, and this nifty little scanner not only tells you what percentage of your content is original, but highlights which parts are 'Good' or 'Existing'.

2. Headline Analyzer  CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer allows you to type in your headline and within seconds, gives you a score based on the overall quality of your headline, it SEO value, ranking in search engines and social shares. It even provides a breakdown of the analysis, providing tips on how to improve it!

3. Editing Although still in Beta, copy editor robot editMinion …

How To Avoid These Common Pitfalls Of The Novice Content Writer

All businesses need content, to educate their target market and become more successful themselves. However, not everyone is a natural writer. It might be a relief to know that whether you're trying to put together a marketing email, letter, article or book, there are some fundamental rules that will always apply. So that you're not reinventing the wheel every time you write, avoid these common mistakes and you'll be golden.

1. Inconsistent writing style Maintaining a consistent voice, style and tone throughout your writing piece is crucial, whether it's a marketing email, a website or book. Your job as the writer is to guide the reader through the text, and your content is the vehicle. Making sure there's harmony between all the elements of the piece and providing a smooth ride ensures a positive experience for the reader, and providing the message and offering is one they want, is likely to keep them reading from start to finish.

2. Forgetting your reader While SEO is…

How Can Great Content Make You Successful?

There is no doubt that in this day and age, without good quality written content, your business is significantly losing out. But great content isn’t just about keeping up with the Jones’. Here are the top 6 ways professional content writing can positively impact you and your business…

Thought Leadership All businesses and leaders want to be considered the go-to person in their industry and with so many self-publishing mediums these days, it’s getting harder to stand out. If you want to be considered innovative and inspirational, then intelligent content that creates value for your customers and prospects is key. There are lots of ways to do this without having to even put pen to paper…why not publish articles online, write your very own book or create an eBook to send to your database.

Brand Awareness A regular online presence can help establish a strong, wide spread reputation and brand recognition. You can communicate with potential customers locally, nationally and globally, and once y…