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How much do ghostwriters charge?

The cost of co-writing, or ghostwriting, services can vary dramatically. They tend to depend upon the level of the client (celebrity, professional etc), experience and location of the writer, affiliations with publishing agencies, the length of the book and the overall value having the book creates. Writers associated with publishing companies charge significantly more than those who write independently. Here are some of the different ways co-writers and ghostwriters charge:
Per word This is fairly common, with writers in the UK charging between £0.03 - £2 per word. This is more practical as a way of charging for marketing content. Depending on the platform, marketing content pieces have a relatively small word count. Books have tens of thousands of words, so this method could get overly expensive. A per word rate can also incentivise writers to write more words, rather than be concise and focus on value.
Hourly A typical hourly rate for a writer is £10-£70. Again, a good book will focus …

Would someone tag you in this?!

“My Book”
I’ve always wanted to write a book, dreamt for years of doing it imagined friends and family having a look ...but I just never get round to it
I’ve always wanted to write a book, but how do I find the time? One day I will and it’ll be a labour of love, perfected line by line
I’ve always wanted to write a book, my tales of blood, sweat & tears. I’ve got so much to tell the world, so much to share. I’ve achieved so much over the years.
I’ve always wanted to write a book but I’m not sure where to start. I’ve got an idea and a handful of notes, but

Book Myths vs Realities

When speaking with business owners about their books, I often hear the same excuses for why they haven't done it yet. I get it, though. A book certainly feels like a big undertaking to a lot of people, particularly to those who don't realise they can get coached through the writing process or just pay to have the whole thing done for them professionally. The reality is that it can be incredibly straight forward. 
Many people believe that their book must be this epic work of literary genius, hundreds of pages long, years in the making. A book for marketing your business can be a short and sweet value-add. A package containing your insights, knowledge and experience. A chance for your prospects to connect with you as a person at their leisure, without the fear of being pitched.
Knowing the success a book can bring to small business, (think along the lines of what is just one client worth to you? How about 10 new clients?), I wanted to share the most common excuses business owners …

Why you should write and publish a book in 2016!

I have met no end of entrepreneurs who will admit to having wanted a book out for years, but haven't acted on it yet. They have all this knowledge and experience that just sits in their heads when in fact, a lot of people could really benefit from reading it. It's crazy not to put pen to paper, but I do get it. Writing a book sounds like it'll be hard work and time consuming. For most successful small business owners, time and energy aren't exactly things they find they have an abundance of. And then of course, self-doubt kicks in. They wonder, "even if I had a book, would anyone actually read it?", or, "is it worth the investment?"
The answer to both those questions is a resounding "YES"! Your personality and your use of your unique abilities and ideas are what got you to where you are today. They are how you've been creating value for your customers all this time, so it's important that you package that value somehow. You're p…

Do you know the most powerful marketing tool for small businesses in 2016?

When you think of ‘marketing tools’, do social media, software platforms and endless content writing come to mind? For the last five years at least, most small businesses have been focussing on building an engaging and consistent online presence with social media, growing their email lists then marketing the hell out of anyone who daring or busy enough to download the free ebook and sign up to the mailing list.

However, there is a new trend emerging amongst successful entrepreneurs. One that so many thought would die a quick death once technology took over. A trend that actually isn’t a trend, because it never went away. I’m talking about business books.

The publishing industry has undoubtedly been negatively impacted by technology, with Amazon’s self-publishing platform, CreateSpace, allowing people from all backgrounds, industries and locations become published authors as quickly as they can write and upload a word document. There are over 300,000 books published in the U.S. ever yea…


For most entrepreneurs and marketing teams, there is never enough time. Seeing top clients is the key to your business success, and generating new sales enables you to keep increasing that largest cheque. More time with clients means more contract renewals, more new business conversations and more referrals. You need your marketing team to be able to focus on supporting this growth with effective campaigns. However, in today’s world of social media, websites and emails, there are far too many ‘things’ chaining entrepreneurs to their desks and jamming up the marketing pipeline. So many distractions! Your precious time that could be spent with clients, working on strategic projects or exciting new marketing initiatives is harder than ever to protect and as a result, you end up feeling as though you’re spending more time in the office cleaning up messes and doing ‘stuff’ than growing and being energized by the ongoing value you create when you’re working on what you truly love. This is all …


While the world of content marketing can seem daunting at first, businesses have to publish original, compelling, high quality content to compete for customers' attention. Luckily, there are more tools than ever before at our disposal, and most of them are FREE! So here's our list of the top 5 tools you can use to polish up your content in no time...

1. Plagiarism Checker  Just copy and paste your finished piece in the box, type the code, and this nifty little scanner not only tells you what percentage of your content is original, but highlights which parts are 'Good' or 'Existing'.

2. Headline Analyzer  CoSchedule's Headline Analyzer allows you to type in your headline and within seconds, gives you a score based on the overall quality of your headline, it SEO value, ranking in search engines and social shares. It even provides a breakdown of the analysis, providing tips on how to improve it!

3. Editing Although still in Beta, copy editor robot editMinion …