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Do you confuse people? 3 simple steps to simplify any message...

Simplifying your message is key if you want to engage people. This applies whether you’re writing a book, preparing a pitch or explaining your latest project to a new member of staff. You need them to not only understand what you’re saying, but also why it’s useful.
Try the following three simple steps to simplify your message:
1.Avoid jargon
Using jargon is a very quick way to make your audience switch off, especially if they aren’t from the same business background as you. Assuming knowledge of acronyms and industry-specific phrases is dangerous, as it can easily cause confusion, as well as a sense of exclusion. As soon as people stop understanding you, they stop listening (or reading in the case of a book) and this means your message - no matter how great - won’t get through.

If you find jargon creeping into your language, stop and think about the words you’re using and what they actually mean. Don’t shy away from taking an extra sentence to explain a concept if it will help more peop…

Why Bother Marketing Your Business Book?

It’s common for people to think that because their business book is more of a very posh, very informative business card rather than the next bestseller, that the marketing strategy is either inconsequential, or as simple as, “I’ll give it to my top clients and post it out to referrals.”
A book in your name has so much marketing power behind it andonce it’s nearly ready to be published, it’s at the very beginning of its marketing lifespan. The main benefits to marketing your business using your book are: You become an instant expert in the eyes of those who know about your book.If you don’t spread the word and let people know about your book, why it’s important and why they should care, they probably won’t. No offence! But they’ve got their own priorities, too. If you want to get that expert positioning being an author provides, you have to intentionally, deliberately and consistently let people know about it and the message it carries. Most of it’s free, or a lot cheaper than it ever has…