How Can Great Content Make You Successful?

There is no doubt that in this day and age, without good quality written content, your business is significantly losing out. But great content isn’t just about keeping up with the Jones’. Here are the top 6 ways professional content writing can positively impact you and your business…

Thought Leadership
All businesses and leaders want to be considered the go-to person in their industry and with so many self-publishing mediums these days, it’s getting harder to stand out. If you want to be considered innovative and inspirational, then intelligent content that creates value for your customers and prospects is key. There are lots of ways to do this without having to even put pen to paper…why not publish articles online, write your very own book or create an eBook to send to your database.

Brand Awareness
A regular online presence can help establish a strong, wide spread reputation and brand recognition. You can communicate with potential customers locally, nationally and globally, and once your name, business name and your capabilities are frequently in the public domain, the awareness multiplies each time someone reads something you write, even if it’s old. Just remember though that once you’ve put information out there, it’s almost impossible to remove all trace. Avoid these common pitfalls for novice content writers.

Value Creation
Making a name for yourself isn’t going to happen simply by producing written content. With great content, you have a real opportunity to share your knowledge, unique perspective and expertise with people who find it genuinely valuable. Everybody’s busy all the time and we all fall victim to information overload, so make sure your content has a real point and contains a message. If it’s a good use of someone’s time to read your post/email/book, and they’ll come back for more.

While the points above could encourage conversion at some point, high quality content could lead directly to a sale, too. A well-put together marketing email that leads your prospect naturally through the content and contains a call to action can be all they need feel confident enough to buy. While we’ve all seen this done for retail, it can apply to any industry. If you’re selling a high-ticket product or service, writing a business book is a great way to generate customers.

Free PR
Once you’ve published, prospects can read your content not just now, but in the future as well. While there may be associated costs with producing the content, once it’s out there it can continue to be read, shared and referenced. It’ll pay for itself over and over.

Passive Revenue
You can charge for reports, eBooks, business books and articles and as soon as they’re published and made readily available online, your prospects and existing customers can buy as many copies as they like, whenever they like. Imagine you’re the owner of a successful financial services practice. Not only are financial advisors are ten a penny but they also have to face questions from confused or guarded prospects about their integrity and the quality of their service. Now imagine that first meeting, but instead of wariness you’re greeted with a knowing smile by an excited prospect that read your book or they’ve been following you online, they already know what you’re about and feel that your approach to life is in keeping with their own. They’d like to know more about your offering because they hope to be able to do business with you. It’s a completely different scenario. That one book or download made you money at the point of sale, and again just now. Because they like what they read, your new customer can recommend said content to their own connections and your network multiplies. However you only produced the content once.

For information on how to produce quality content, or if you’d like to achieve these six wins without even having to put pen to paper, email and a member of our talented team will personally respond within 48 hours.


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