Why Bother Marketing Your Business Book?

It’s common for people to think that because their business book is more of a very posh, very informative business card rather than the next bestseller, that the marketing strategy is either inconsequential, or as simple as, “I’ll give it to my top clients and post it out to referrals.”

A book in your name has so much marketing power behind it and once it’s nearly ready to be published, it’s at the very beginning of its marketing lifespan. The main benefits to marketing your business using your book are:
  • You become an instant expert in the eyes of those who know about your book.
If you don’t spread the word and let people know about your book, why it’s important and why they should care, they probably won’t. No offence! But they’ve got their own priorities, too. If you want to get that expert positioning being an author provides, you have to intentionally, deliberately and consistently let people know about it and the message it carries.
  • Most of it’s free, or a lot cheaper than it ever has been.
Most of the tools available to help you promote your book and its message are free. Even if you decide to outsource your book marketing campaign and you’re paying five figures, it’s still cheaper than it ever has been and phenomenally cheaper than it is for those who release their books with large publishing houses. Part of your campaign will be figuring out how many new customers you’d need to get to see a return on your investment, and that includes your time as well as money.
  • The more you put in, the more you get out.
Your book can be a significant source of income but again, people have to know about it, care about it and value its contents to buy it. It also has to be easy to access/buy and they have to know that reading it is a valuable use of their time. Book marketing across different platforms and networks will achieve this, and increase your book’s chances of being the lead magnet it’s supposed to be.
  • Book marketing is how you get speaking gigs.
If being an industry expert and owning the space you’re in is important to you, then you’ll want speaking gigs. Speakers are always voices of authority on their topic, so promoting your book to event organisers who in turn promote your prowess and expertise to their potential attendees when doing their own marketing is key.
  • It can (literally) change your life.
Being a published author changes the way people look at you and perceive your capabilities and accomplishments. It’s really impressive, and can be a status symbol. But again, people have to know about it. If you don’t promote it, it implies you don’t really appreciate it or you’re not as proud of it as you should be, which won’t make it very appealing to others who could otherwise have been really excited about it and found it valuable.
  • It gives you scope to significantly accelerate your success.
This isn’t a repeat of all the above points - I mean that once you put a book out there into the public domain and start calling yourself an author, and talking to people about it and sharing your expertise and experience, you’re drawing a line under that expertise and experience. You’re letting the world know you are at the top of your game in that particular field. Invariably, this opens the door to a whole new array of exciting opportunities. When you promote yourself and your business with a book, people will approach you with new thoughts and ideas that may not have been part of the conversation before your started your campaign. Your book tells people you’re focussed and passionate about what you do, and how you’re different. Other entrepreneurs like being around that type of personality, and you’ll start attracting prospects who appreciate that spark, too. Several ‘authorpreneurs’ I’ve spoken with have gone on to create new products and services, some in partnership with a peer, and they are confident that the opportunity would not have even been talked about or thought of had it not been for the changes their book brought about, both to their confidence and to their professional reputation.
  • You are more likely to attract right-fit clients and prospects.
Unlike any other marketing tool, your book packages your personality and values as well as your business processes and IP. So people can build a connection with you before even meeting or speaking with you. It’s a valuable sales tool, and empowers your prospects to make a decision about you before you ask for the business. But again, to get this result, you have to consider how you’re going to distribute your book to the ones that don’t already know about you.
Book marketing can be a confusing field and it’s hard to know what the right thing to do is and when to do it. I've heard from a lot of entrepreneurs who don't know where to start with their book marketing and do not have a plan. 
I decided to do something about it, and would like to take this opportunity to offer you a FREE 30 minute, one-on-one "Book Marketing Breakthrough" session, designed to figure out which of book marketing strategies you should be using.
I only have three openings for three of these sessions all month, so only the first three people who respond to this post will be able to book one.

During this session:

  • We’ll work together to identify your book marketing objectives, so you have a crystal clear vision on the exact results you want your book to produce
  • You’ll uncover the obstacles that are preventing you from accomplishing the level of success you’re looking for
  • And you’ll leave the session armed with immediately actionable book marketing strategies and a Next Steps worksheet, so that you have maximum opportunity to achieve your goals and get the level ROI you want

We’ll use specially designed tools to figure out the most effective way for you to market your business using your book, and profit in the process.
There are only three sessions available all month, so email me or message me today to book yours in!
The Book Marketing Breakthrough session can benefit authors at any stage in the writing or marketing process, and it can certainly be said that the earlier you start, the better. However, if you haven’t yet put pen to paper or you’d like to overcome writing-related obstacles before moving on to thinking about your marketing, then I recommend booking in for one of our powerful Business Book Breakthrough alternatives, that may be better suited to the stage in the process you’re currently at.
Secure your one-to-one Book Marketing Breakthrough session today to kick-start your book marketing campaign and accelerate your progress towards increased revenue, right-fit clients and prospects, and expert status.
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