Accountability For Those Too Busy To Plan!


There are certain times of year I just love, as a business owner. Take September, for example. The 'going-back-to-school' time when we delve back into our businesses with a fresh perspective having had (hopefully) some time to refresh over the summer. We take stock of our accomplishments so far, plan exciting things in the run-up to December to close the year having hit our targets, and re-evaluate our current commitments and narratives, deciding what still serves us and what will no longer do. 

I review my progress against my yearly plan at the end of each quarter but spend a whole day doing this and making refinements at the end of Q2. Others do their biggest planning in March/April in lieu of the tax year; whenever you make your best plans for the months ahead, I’m interested to know what you are planning on carrying with you, and what you intend on letting go. 

So many people make promises to themselves that they don’t keep, especially ones like, “I’ll write that book one day”, but in order to grow, we all know we must first simplify. Declutter our plans and our minds. When we don’t, we become scatty and over-committed, saying yes when we really mean no, working on projects that don’t serve our real objectives. Over-commitment and complexity lead to mediocre performance. 

If writing that business book has been on your to-do list for a while but keeps getting knocked down to the bottom, some accountability might be just what's required. Are you going to write that book? Or is it simply not a priority, cluttering up your mind and creating blockages in your pipeline. 

If you really want to take your business, your influence and perhaps even your industry to the next level, it’s time to raise your personal and professional bar. It’s time to commit your thoughts and knowledge to paper and become a published author.

There is no room for average if what you really want is excellence. Write Business Results Book Creation Process™ helps successful people do exactly that. We take your thoughts, ideas, knowledge and ‘why’, and transform them into a high-impact, profit-making book for your business. Four-six months, 15-25 hours of your time. No writing involved unless you want to write. No more choosing between time on your book or time on your other pressing projects. No more average content or output. Our team of qualified writer, editors, designers and coaches do it all for you. 

If being an author is what you really want for 2018 and beyond, there's no need to settle for anything less. Let’s work together to make it happen. 

Claim your free 45-minute Book Discovery Call with a member of the team to learn exactly:

- What steps you need in place to become a successful author
- How to link your book to your commercial goals and ensure it's a profitable business asset
- Where your book sits within your marketing pipeline
- The specific opportunities being an author will give you access to 
- The recommended approach to authorship for you personally.

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To thank you for your time, you'll also receive a summary of your conversation and a copy of The Book Creation Process™. Looking forward to speaking!

End note: updated from December 2016 


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