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“My Book”

I’ve always wanted to write a book,
dreamt for years of doing it
imagined friends and family having a look
...but I just never get round to it

I’ve always wanted to write a book,
but how do I find the time?
One day I will and it’ll be a labour of love,
perfected line by line

I’ve always wanted to write a book,
my tales of blood, sweat & tears.
I’ve got so much to tell the world, so much to share.
I’ve achieved so much over the years.

I’ve always wanted to write a book
but I’m not sure where to start.
I’ve got an idea and a handful of notes, but
when it comes to writing, I’m in the dark

I was thinking some more about writing my book,
when my friend called me up to say
he knows a great writer who can help me out;
looks like I’ll finally be an author one day!

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