Why you should write and publish a book in 2016!

I have met no end of entrepreneurs who will admit to having wanted a book out for years, but haven't acted on it yet. They have all this knowledge and experience that just sits in their heads when in fact, a lot of people could really benefit from reading it. It's crazy not to put pen to paper, but I do get it. Writing a book sounds like it'll be hard work and time consuming. For most successful small business owners, time and energy aren't exactly things they find they have an abundance of. And then of course, self-doubt kicks in. They wonder, "even if I had a book, would anyone actually read it?", or, "is it worth the investment?"

The answer to both those questions is a resounding "YES"! Your personality and your use of your unique abilities and ideas are what got you to where you are today. They are how you've been creating value for your customers all this time, so it's important that you package that value somehow. You're probably aware of the notion that if you want to go even further and take your business to the next level, you need to recognise that the strategies that got you to where you are today are not going to be the same strategies that get you to your bigger future. To actually go bigger, you need to think bigger and act bigger. 

For many, reaching a wider audience is a key part of significant growth. If this is important to you, take a few minutes to consider a book as the vehicle that's going to drive this growth and help you build your business. Books are tangible, special, memorable, intelligent, authority-laden, influential, educational and unique. There is no doubt that, if written well and marketed in the right way, a book can change the way you are perceived in your industry. 

Your book could be about what it is your advise others on, like Mark Bradley of True Potential Wealth Management. Mark's 54-page book (pictured above) contains information he'd normally have to secure a face to face meeting to share, along with practical exercises and thought-provoking questions, materials to create a retirement plan, and fun, stylish illustrations to break up the text and make the book easy to read and follow. Mark's book takes the tedious part of a retirement plan away, and at the same time, he adds in personal stories to help the reader relate to him and get to know him. This is all before they've even met. Mark's meetings are about to get a lot more productive, now that he can share his book in advance and is a published author on Amazon. 

Amazingly, he didn't write one word. He did it the smart way and delegated it to someone who knew how to format his information. Here are some of the other benefits Mark can enjoy, now he is a published author:

Share your knowledge, content and stories
As a successful entrepreneur you’re on a journey. You’re an adventurer and a risk-taker at heart who takes the rough with the smooth, powers through in the face of adversity and you’ve experienced more professionally in the last few years then most people do in their whole working lives. The result? You’ve got a lot to tell and the world wants to hear it. Whether it’s already out there in various blog posts, speeches, still in note form, or stuck in your head, with the right ghost-writer, all you really need to do is give a few of hours of your time to someone who can help you turn your vision into a published reality.

Influence your industry
You know that you know a lot, you know you have a unique offering, and you know there’s not another company out there that can truly do what you do. But do your prospects and customers know that? Go from being a technical expert to your industry’s most prominent thought leader in one fell swoop. Want more speaking gigs? Tired of having to generate leads or give a lot of your time to close deals? Wish your reputation would precede you? Hiring a co-writer to get your own book professionally written and published can put you on another level.

Generate revenue
Business books can generate large amounts of revenue in numerous different ways, meaning you no longer have to rely on book sales to see a return. If your book covers a topic that plenty of people want to learn about, then with the right marketing, you can expect to see a handsome profit through royalties alone. If your book is more industry specific however, for example if it’s aimed at business owners, female, between the ages of 45-60 and it’s about financial planning for retirement, then it’s how you use the book after it’s published that governs the results. There is scope to significantly increase your revenue with a business book in your name.

You want the ULTIMATE marketing tool
Your own book is the ultimate way to get your uniqueness across and with a co-writer, it can be hassle-free, too. There is no other way of enabling your prospects and clients to get to know you as a person, find out exactly how you can help them, see how you create value in the world and learn something in the process, all without actually meeting you. But how often does that first hurdle of persuading someone to part with their precious time and listen to you pitch them trip you up? No more. If knowledge is power, then a business book is the Hercules of all marketing, and its sovereign strength will woo your prospects and leave your competition face down in the dust.

Get more clients
How many of your competitors have their own books? Do you think one of your top prospects will have ever received a complimentary book in the post before, authored by the owner of the business they are considering buying from, with a handwritten note? How do you think they’ll perceive you, seeing your name on the front cover and being given this unique opportunity to learn from you and your experience, before being asked to write a cheque? How could that memorable introduction improve the quality of your first meeting? Books are a novel way to nurture your client relationships, and market your business all at the same time.

Is a business book on your to-do list for the new year? Take it off your plate and delegate it to a co-writer you can trust. Contact Georgia at info@writebusinessresults.com to schedule a free consultation. 

And if you reference this blog as the source, you'll be placed on the waiting list for a free copy of my book on how to market your business using a book, out soon.


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