For most entrepreneurs and marketing teams, there is never enough time. Seeing top clients is the key to your business success, and generating new sales enables you to keep increasing that largest cheque. More time with clients means more contract renewals, more new business conversations and more referrals. You need your marketing team to be able to focus on supporting this growth with effective campaigns.
However, in today’s world of social media, websites and emails, there are far too many ‘things’ chaining entrepreneurs to their desks and jamming up the marketing pipeline. So many distractions!
Your precious time that could be spent with clients, working on strategic projects or exciting new marketing initiatives is harder than ever to protect and as a result, you end up feeling as though you’re spending more time in the office cleaning up messes and doing ‘stuff’ than growing and being energized by the ongoing value you create when you’re working on what you truly love.
This is all common sense of course, but all too often, busy business leaders can get sucked into the day to day running of their business and think, “I’ll get to that later”. A common reason for their procrastination is not being fully aware of the type of content you could (and should) delegate.

Here is are the top 5 ways in which outsourcing your content can keep your and your marketing team’s focus where it should be, and enhance your business performance:

Time & Money:
With a new supply of time and energy to focus on winning new clients, touch base with existing clients or work on exciting new campaigns, your business will appear more competent, confident and robust.

High quality content is everything these days. It can optimize your Google ranking, demonstrate thought leadership to clients and prospects, and create enormous value for readers. Not to mention, it has the power to attract new business. It’s important that you delegate your content to a writer able to create intelligent, compelling copy that captures the tone and gets results. While websites like Freelancer, elance or odesk give you access to thousands of writers all over the world and that can often be a cheaper option, it’s impossible to know who they really are. Getting stung or duplicated copy (which can lower your Google ranking) isn’t worth the risk.

If you have a marketing team in place, or if you’re an entrepreneur who wants to focus on other activities, the best work is done when people work in teams. Make sure you choose to work with a talented writer who will not only execute your brief with an individualized style that suits your objectives, but who also wants to build a relationship with you and work with you on a regular basis.

We all know how we feel when we focus simply on the things we love. Our energy increases, we get more done in less time, and we are more confident, happy and successful. It’s contagious, and our environment improves as a result. Once you have found your go-to marketing content provider, you can cross writing off your to-do list and focus on the things that matter to you.

Imagine yourself in a world where your time and money have increased, your online presence is creating value for your community, you’re communicating your needs to a marketing partner you trust and who you know will deliver on time, and you are now spending the time you used to waste pouring over articles wondering about where on earth to start with your content writing, focusing on productive business activities. How do you feel? Have you taken on more clients? How much has your revenue increased by?

There are so many benefits to outsourcing your content. If content writing is holding you back from moving towards your goals in life, delegate it and see your energy, confidence and bottom line soar.  

Write Business Results provide content for small and medium businesses for blog posts, articles, websites, ebooks and business books. Contact Georgia at info@writebusinessresults.com to schedule a consultation and discuss your content marketing needs in some more detail. 

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