Do you know the most powerful marketing tool for small businesses in 2016?

When you think of ‘marketing tools’, do social media, software platforms and endless content writing come to mind? For the last five years at least, most small businesses have been focussing on building an engaging and consistent online presence with social media, growing their email lists then marketing the hell out of anyone who daring or busy enough to download the free ebook and sign up to the mailing list.

However, there is a new trend emerging amongst successful entrepreneurs. One that so many thought would die a quick death once technology took over. A trend that actually isn’t a trend, because it never went away. I’m talking about business books.

The publishing industry has undoubtedly been negatively impacted by technology, with Amazon’s self-publishing platform, CreateSpace, allowing people from all backgrounds, industries and locations become published authors as quickly as they can write and upload a word document. There are over 300,000 books published in the U.S. ever year, and 444,000 in China. In absolute terms, the UK is the third leading publisher in the world and the highest in Europe, according to the IPA, with its 184,000 titles each year (

So as you can see the publishing industry is changing, and many would say, suffering. Books themselves however are here to stay and going into 2016, are proving more popular than ever as a unique and credible marketing tool for businesses.

It doesn’t take a genius to guess that more and more entrepreneurs and business leaders are turning to books as a way to market their business. It's becoming increasingly difficult to build and keep online relationships that convert, and your post, Tweet or comment pretty much disappears under tonnes as others as soon as it goes live. But books are permanent. They'll still be here when you're gone. They are a gift that people can value, read over and over again, and pass on to others. And the beauty of books these days are they are so accessible! 

The problem for most business owners is that they don't realise how easy it is to get a book written and published. If they did, thousands more would be doing it. As it is, people procrastinate because they think they have to write the book themselves and don’t understand how to market the book once they do have it. The result? Books are like business gold dust. Everyone should have one, but hardly anyone does. They’re special.

Think of the last time you were sold to. Maybe a PPI company called or someone selling life-insurance. Think of all the junk mail and email spam you receive on a daily basis. Do you remember who it’s from? Which company is trying so hard to get your attention? Do you ever read it? Most of us don’t. We hang up, throw it in the bin or hit ‘delete’, because it’s annoying. We can’t see the value in it for us, it’s just someone, somewhere, trying to get us to do something they will surely benefit from.

Imagine how differently you’d feel if you received a book from the owner of the company pitching you. A short book, that you could read on your commute, packed full of information that’s useful to you, tips, insights, things that you can learn from and apply to your business or life. What if there was no selling in it at all; the whole book is written just so that you can improve your life. You’ll keep it, you may even pass it on to a friend.

You’ll likely remember the name of the author and what it was about. I know I’d be more likely to give someone my time, knowing what they’re about, knowing they’ve got the information I need and the knowledge to truly help me. Knowing that they’ve made the time and effort to do something for me that’s cost them but may result in nothing in return. That’s powerful marketing!

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